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Bicester Heritage


Bicester Heritage

BWL Heritage is acting as an aviation advisor to Bicester Heritage Limited and supports its aims to create a living heritage site.

Bicester Heritage is establishing itself as the UK’s national business park dedicated to  historic motoring and aviation and, in the process, regenerate the former RAF Bicester station.

Our aim is to bring together the UK’s cottage industry of specialists on this important and atmospheric campus in order to promote not just the preservation but, specifically, the use of vintage aeroplanes and motorcars.

In doing so it brings a modern, sympathetic use to what is considered to be one of the UK’s most important sites for the training of bomber crews before and during the Second World War and a national heritage asset. it also served the Nation during the D-Day and subsequent air-landing operations in Occupied Europe.

Comprising a former RAF Technical Site of more than 50 buildings (of which 19 are Grade II listed) totalling over 350,000 square feet, and a substantial operating grass airfield.  It is situated on 348 acres next to Bicester, Oxfordshire’s fastest growing town.


If you have a vintage car or aeroplane, why not get in touch with Bicester Heritage to discuss storage and logistical requirements, or even put your name down for a workshop.

As they regenerate the park campus, they will offer you somewhere to store, maintain, use, buy and sell your “device”, right in the part of the country where you might just be heading for anyway.

They have on-hand, experienced resource and will be focusing on establishing a club-like environment with plenty of support and enthusiasm.


Bicester Heritage is keen to establish the site as the National Centre for Historic Motoring and Aviation Excellence, a one-stop campus where your customers can keep their machinery whilst you look after them at a campus of leading specialists.

They have over 50 buildings of various sizes, most of which were originally built for technical support for the RAF station.  These range from small workshops and garaging to large hangars.

If you think you would like to be part of this community, and work in a leafy, historic and accessible facility, please get in touch using the details to the right.

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