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Museum of Army Flying


Museum of Army Flying

The Museum of Army Flying is home to a unique collection of military aviation history, one of both international and national importance. They give a fascinating and imaginative glimpse of “soldiers in the air” and life on the Home Front.

You can go and see their amazing selection of historic fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft, detailed dioramas, artefacts, trophies and models which serve as a profound and inspiring tribute to the Army and their machines. There are a range of interesting and engaging activities for children to enjoy including Museum trails, puzzles, games and simulators.

Situated right alongside the Army Air Corps’ busy working airfield at Middle Wallop; visitors can often enjoy watching the Army Air Corps training in their impressive Apache and Lynx helicopters.

My Involvement

Paul Beaver has been fund-raising for the Museum for a decade or more; his Last Day launch in honour of Battle of Britain veterans on 31 October 1940 raised more than £15,000 for the BBMT Interpretation Centre at Capel. He has also been involved in Winter Evening talks, held jointly with the Army Flying Association and is an expert on the history of Middle Wallop airfield during the Battle of Britain.

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